Smart Answer - Instant Web-Based Help Desk Solution

Web based help desk solution. Featuring advanced customer service software, instant activation and monthly fee as low as $19.95 per operator seat.

Benefits of using Smart Answer service:

WEB Based
Your customers can submit requests 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Your staff can access the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

No lost or forgotten service requests. Only one operator will be assigned, no guessing who is responsible.

E-mail and Paging
No service request will go unanswered. Notification will be given once the request is posted. No delays in putting your crew into action.

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Dynamic FAQ Entries
Share knowledge at a speed of light. The very moment a problem is solved, the solution may be published in a searchable knowledge database. Do not waste your time answering the same questions again and again. Do not force your customers to waste their time asking questions answered before!

Instant Up & Running
No downloads. No software to install. Register, review default settings, copy & paste html code - your HelpDesk may be running in 15 minutes. Or even less.

Cost effective
An operator seat monthly fee as low as $19.95. Add licenses as your business grows. Cancel unused operator seats during off peak months.

Free trial Try before buying. Serve first 20 requests for free1. No credit card required. No obligation to purchase. Try our Demo or Setup your own HelpDesk now.
1 30 days limit applies.

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Major Features

Bulletin board style communications. Each service ticket may have unlimited number of messages. Simplified markup tags allow to control text appearance (bold, italic, underline, code) and to insert html links and images. Any message may be marked as hidden to facilitate internal communications and notes. Registration is optional, as anonymous (guest) visitors may access their tickets using unique access keys.

Message editor with support for text proofing and drafts.

Email based ticket submission with support for html-only messages and multiple file attachments.
Intelligent ticket routing using departments and 4 tiers escalation model. Manual and automated escalation supported.

File attachments. A file of any type may be added to any message.

Customer database for easy tracking of customer details like contact info or service options.

Custom fields. Both ticket and customer databases support up to 10 user definable fields to keep additional information. Each field may be configured as a text, select menu or checkbox. Supported attributes: hidden, read-only, mandatory.

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